Let me guide you through the exclusive Ombre Brows and Smudge-proof Lips workshops

I will make sure to advance your skills, correct your movement, and get rid of all the bad habits that are not allowing you to achieve results you would be happy with.

Long time awaited the first of its kind Master Class, a purely brow and lips focused Masterclass that showcases the unique mastery and theory behind both techniques including secrets used to create the best possible brows and lips. 

1Who can attend a Master Class?

If you are already doing permanent makeup and are still struggling with various problems, the treatment effect does not satisfy you or you are still looking for answers to many questions related to this or you are a beginner that just starting out - Join the Master Class.

2What will be provided at the Master Class?

Organiser will provide all the supplies needed: set of Quantum pigments, workbook, Osinkowska brow measurement stickers, fake skin, disposable materials ( gloves, wet wipes , pigment cups), and more.

*Quantum machine to practice with ( only for artists who will book the machine in advance)

**For the time of the course Machine will be borrow for free. No addition charge will be added to the MC price.

3What’s the OMBRE BROWS master class overview?

During the BROW class I will teach you two different techniques- Ombre Powder Brows, Soft shading.

Workshops are not only dry lectures and live demonstration, but mutual exchange of experiences and discussions about a given topic. There are no questions that remain unanswered.

We follow each presentation with the "Customer's Footprint". Presentations are original training programs prepared by the OSINO team. We strive to make the program better, improve it and adapt it to your needs. I care that participation in the workshop allows each of you to raise the level of knowledge about pigmentation and eliminate errors that do not allow you to achieve satisfactory effects of the treatment - immediately after it, as well as after healing.

OMBRE BROWS workshops have been enriched and expanded to include PRE-DRAWING. I will show you how to quickly draw eyebrows matching the beauty of your client. Remember that the devil is in the detail, and the drawing is one of the most important stages of pigmentation.

4What’s the SMUDGE-PROOF LIPS master class overview?

How many of you postpone the practice of lip-pigmentation after you finished your first course?

The client calls you, signs up for the procedure, and the day before the visit you can not sleep, you think that the procedure will be painful for the client, that you will not make the drawing, and the lips will turn blue and nothing will stay. I promise that during the workshop, I will "disentangle" the pigmentation of the lips and you will love it just like me!

How many clients, so many labial reds. During the workshops, we will talk about all aspects of lip pigmentation, perfect drawing, pigment selection, treatment contraindications and many other things that affect the beautiful final effect of pigmentation, and customer satisfaction.

5What's the price of workshops?

$1000 for 1-day workshops.

$1500 for 2-days workshops.

6Is the deposit required?

Yes, the deposit of $300 is required to reserve a spot.

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

7How do I sign up ?

You can find the instruction here. Make a deposit payment of $300 to the bank account listed there, and fill up the form while attaching the confirmation of payment in a PDF file. Then click send. This will book your place on the workshops.


You can also choose a payment via PayPal

PayPal email:

Please make sure to add in Notes: name, surname, date and place of the workshops you want to attend

8What's the exact location of each Master Class?

The class will take a place in each city mentioned and the exact location will be emailed to you closer to the event date.

  • London, United Kingdom, 27-28.09.2019
  • Toronto, Canada, 23-24.09.2019
  • Las Vegas, USA, 10-11.09.2019
  • Santa Monica, USA, 14-15.09.2019
  • New York, USA, 19-20.09.2019
  • Sydney, Australia, 25-26.10.2019
  • Melbourne, Australia, 29-30.10.2019
  • Auckland, New Zealand, 2-3.11.2019
9Do we get a certificate after the Master Class?

Every participant will receive a certificate for each technique.

See what they say about my courses

  • Diana Żukowska
    "Looking for a permanent make-up school, I found pmu word. When I saw the achievements of graduates, I did not think any longer. After the first course, I knew that it was the best decision! I felt that I was starting a new chapter in my life and it happened! I opened the beauty salon and I have more and more satisfied customers who trust me. Paula is a great person who can transfer her knowledge. I want more and more and I know that what I do is not only work, but my passion in which I want to develop."
    Diana Żukowska
  • Anna Roszkowska
    "The world of permanent make-up has always fascinated me: my dream was to become a linergist, I wanted to learn and absorb knowledge from the best in this industry. Without a second thought I signed up for intensive course with the permanent make-up master Paulina Osinkowska. Under her guidance I honed my techniques and improved my skills. Today I can confidently say that it was the best investment in my development. Paulina is not only the best teacher, but also strongly supports, motivates and cheers her students in further action. It was a wonderful time and a great decision. I recommend her!“
    Anna Roszkowska
  • Natalia Khalife
    „Thank you very much for the last year full of emotions and a lot of support from you. Your words give me a lot of motivation for further success and actions to improve skills already acquired. I am very grateful that I could be part of this amazing project. I am very glad that you are satisfied with the lips! I send a lot of positive energy to undertake new challenges.“
    Natalia Khalife
  • Helena Zwierzchowska
    „Thank you, @Paula Osinkowska, for your support, for faith in me and endless motivation! Thanks to you, I found out that where there is a will there is a way. I am happy, more aware and I do what makes me happy and this is a huge success.“
    Helena Zwierzchowska
    No to pięknie
  • Ewelina Dubicka
    „If we surround ourselves with people who are successful, who grow, who are positive, who focus on achieving results, who support us, it will be a challenge for us to do more and to share more. If you can surround yourself with people who will never let you stop, you have the greater gift than anyone can hope for, "Anthony Robbins. Paula Osinkowska Thank you for everything. I will not stop practicing.“
    Ewelina Dubicka
  • Magdalena Wolska
    „After a year of training, I can finally announce that I completed the course of the annual permanent make-up school. It was a very difficult year. Full of sacrifices and hard work, but it was worth it. Permanent makeup is my love and true passion. Thank you Paulina Osinkowska.“
    Magdalena Wolska

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