If you want the brows to heal up evenly and the final result to be satisfactory, keep in mind this aftercare advice. Remember that the care after the procedure is just as important as the procedure itself. It’s important to follow the specialist’s recommendations. It’s normal for the color to be more intense right after the procedure and the pigmented area to be reddened, and it’s not a reason to panic.



During the healing process avoid sun beds, sun, saunas and swimming pools. Don’t scratch the scab. Scratching may cause forming of a scar. Allow the brows to heal themselves. Keep in mind the fact that a permanent make-up procedure is an invasive procedure during which the epiderm gets broken into.


Follow the specialist’s after care recommendations. Don’t look for information on internet forums. If you have any questions, start with contacting the person who has performed the procedure.


 Don’t apply cosmetic products to the pigmentation area. It may cause an infection of the pigmented zone. It’s very important to wash the brows in the first few days after the pigmentation! Don’t let the scab to form on the brows. Wipe the brows wet with the hairs and against the hairs. Don’t pat the plasm in, wash it down thoroughly.


 Don’t panic if the brows are reddened or the pigment seems warmer than the expected effect, remember that the skin is still healing. The final, ultimate color will be visible 4 weeks after the pigmentation.


 Don’t forget about the correction procedure which will allow evening up of the brow color and, if it’s necessary, saturating of the brows. The correction procedure should be performed 6 weeks to 3 months after the first procedure.