1I’m subscribing your YouTube channel where your share your knowledge for free. Will the paid content contribute more to my skills?
The GET READY course is much more than what you find on my YouTube channel - most of all, it’s SYSTEMATIC and COMPLEX knowledge, divided into particular modules which will be a perfect point of reference to go back to any time you will need it.
2I finished a few courses, I spent a lot of money, why should such a cheap online training course satisfy me or help me grow, if I was already disappointed a couple of times and in my line of work I don’t achieve the expected results?
I’m really sorry if the beginnings of your path in the micropigmentation business were unlucky. I always repeat that strong basis is the key to pigment your clients with confidence and awareness. You’re on this website for a reason. It’s a sign that you want to improve your skills and you don’t give up! It’s possible that you also know my YouTube channel. If so, you also know I share my knowledge for free. I prepared this online course based on the messages I get and the linergists’ opinion from all over the world. I’m facing your expectations! I can assure you that I’ve moved my stationary training course to the internet. If you’re committed and you spend the maximum of your time with awareness and self-confidence, you will be able to perform each pigmentation.
3I’ve heard that online courses are just MARKETING. Isn’t it better to sign up to a real training course and take part in it?
People who don’t really understand what MARKETING is use this word quite often to describe things that enjoy big popularity. The first version of the GET READY online course, despite huge amount of training aids, is available for a very good price, because I do want all the linergists to perform pigmentation beautifully, with full awareness and self-confidence. If you’re still not sure whether this course is for you, feel welcomed to check out my YouTube channel. Keep in mind though that completing the GET READY training course is one of the requirements to sign up for on-site training courses in my facility.
4What’s the exact online course program?
1. Before you start
2. Pencil
3. Pen
4. Quick reminder
5. Practical exercises - one way movement
6. Practical exercises - upward movement
7. Practical exercises - pendulum movement
8. Practical exercises - transition in between segments
9. Saturation
10. Brow time - segmental technique
11. Brow time - soft shading technique
12. Brow time - makeup-no-makeup - subtle technique
13. Giving you extra!
14. Get the right shape
5What will you find in the online course?
  • The course is divided into modules where you find videos referring to the subject in question. Each module contains an introductory video that explains an exercise in real time which will allow you to learn a stable and constant work.

  • 24/7 access to online content. Practice in your free time! You may play each video any time you want! You get a 2-years access to the course.

  • This well-developed program will allow you to observe your progress step by step.
  • When you buy this online training course, you get a possibility to buy the device with a discount *discount code is provided in the teaching aids.
  • 6What do you gain thanks to the online course?

    In the “GET READY” course I will teach you to create brows without the “zebra” effect, working segment by segment, using one of the basic shading movements. You will understand all the factors that affect correct pigmentation result.

    2. SHADING

    Learn to create a uniform, soft shading effect with a subtle passage, maintaining the right saturation proportions.

    3. SUBTLE TECHNIQUE ”Make-up-no-Make-up”

    Polish your skills and learn a technique that allows you to create brows without visible, strongly marked borders.

    7Will I get a certificate?
    People who buy this online course will get a pdf version of the certificate. The certificate will be the confirmation of completing the GET READY online course.
    8Where can I buy the course?


    $ 79
    • "Get Ready" course