Worth knowing before the treatment

If you have active herpes, you need to postpone the permanent make-up treatment regardless of the pigmented area!


  • Viral inflammation, e.g. jaundice, hepatitis, HIV and AIDS

  • Pregnancy, breast-feeding

  • Advanced unstable diabetes

  • Higher temperature

  • Taking strong steroid drugs

  • Allergies to hair dyes and medical anaesthesia

  • Cutaneous anomalies in pigmented sites (birthmarks, warts)

  • Acne phlegmon, viral, bacterial or fungal infection

  • Fresh scars

  • Skin with colloid and scar tendencies

  • Venereal diseases

  • Cancer - only while treated

  • Hemophilia

  • Psoriasis

  • Active herpes

  • Advanced thyroid disease

  • Eyeball diseases, conjunctivitis and ocular inflammation, ophthalmologic surgery, retinal sclerosis (when performing eyelid treatment)

  • Started dental treatment (when performing lips treatment)

  • Strong tan

  • Henna (made before the day of treatment)

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