The Smudge Proof Lips technique of lip permanent make-up allows achieving a desired, natural lips colour.

This pigmentation procedure will allow matching the pigment colour perfectly with the red zone of the lips. It’s an absolute MUST HAVE of all the esthetic procedures. Get familiar with the specifics of the procedure and its possible results.

1What is the smudge-proof lips technique?

The author’s “Smudge-proof Lips“ technique allows creating a very natural effect and add a fresh look of the lips. It allows us to change the natural colour of the lips or highlight the current one, giving the lips a beautiful shape without marking its contour. After peeling-off, the contour will match the red of the lips beautifully. This method of permanent make-up is perfect for those who don’t want it to be noticed by third parties. Permanent make-up of the lips is not a procedure of lip augmentation. The procedure is performed only in the red zone of the lips. Big lip asymmetry or disproportion may be corrected exclusively by an esthetic medicine doctor.

2Who is the permanent lip make-up for?

  • Women who value time
  • Women who want to keep lipstick effect longer
  • Women who are not satisfied with the current colour of the red area of the lip
  • Women who suffer from herpes scars
  • Women who suffer from medical conditions like a cleft lip
  • Women who want to highlight their lips
  • Women who want to get rid of discolourations and irregularities

  • Viral inflammation, e.g. jaundice, hepatitis, HIV and AIDS

  • Pregnancy, breast-feeding

  • Advanced unstable diabetes

  • Higher temperature

  • Taking strong steroid drugs

  • Allergies to hair dyes and medical anaesthesia

  • Cutaneous anomalies in pigmented sites (birthmarks, warts)

  • Acne phlegmon, viral, bacterial or fungal infection

  • Fresh scars

  • Skin with colloid and scar tendencies

  • Venereal diseases

  • Cancer - only while treated

  • Hemophilia

  • Psoriasis

  • Active herpes

  • Advanced thyroid disease

  • Eyeball diseases, conjunctivitis and ocular inflammation, ophthalmologic surgery, retinal sclerosis (when performing eyelid treatment)

  • Started dental treatment (when performing lips treatment)

  • Strong tan

  • Henna (made before the day of treatment)

4Permanent make-up vs. predrawing

The predrawing is supposed to reflect the shape we will achieve during the process of pigmentation. If the predrawing is imperfect, crooked, it doesn’t live up to your expectations, don’t hesitate to inform the person who performs the procedure.

Remember that the risk of herpes after a permanent make-up procedure is high. It’s recommended to take special medicines to prevent and cure herpes since the day of the procedure to 5 days after the procedure. The dose of the medicine should be consulted with a doctor or the leaflet for the medicine. Keep in mind that herpes might appear despite taking medicines. Before the procedure, please make sure your lips are moisturized and nourished perfectly. During the healing process you shouldn’t scratch scabs, apply cosmetic products, use sun beds or a sauna.
6Pain and discomfort during the procedure

The first thing the clients fear is pain during the procedure. Pain is a relative feeling. But the procedure itself shouldn’t be painful. During the procedure, the linergist uses anesthesia that should minimize the pain. There’s a risk of swelling after the procedure, it may last from one to 24 hours after the procedure.

7Correcting old permanent make-up

If you have badly-performed permanent make-up with a sharply-marked contour, you should get a removal procedure first for the old, badly-performed make-up. Keep in mind that correcting the former make-up may have irreversible effects. Unfortunately, unexperienced people decide to correct badly-performed make-up quite often, under the client’s pressure, without adequate knowledge and to earn money. Keep in mind that correction procedure prices are ramped up.

8Durability of permanent make-up
It’s a myth that a permanent make-up once done stays for 10-15 years. The lasting effect of permanent make-up depends on many factors. Let’s keep in mind that one of the benefits of current techniques of permanent make-up is slow and even peeling off of the pigment. A well-performed permanent make-up requires refreshing once a year of a year and a half. *Warning! Remember that the darker the pigment, the bigger the probability that it will stay in your skin longer. One of the examples are decorative lines that in most cases stay with us for a lifetime.
9Sterility and security

Needles used during a permanent make-up procedure are single-use ones. The specialist should unpack the needle in the client’s presence.

10Change in color of the pigment

Permanent make-up may discolour and it has nothing to do with a low quality of the procedure or the products. The pigment changes because of many exterior factors, as well as our health, that’s why it’s recommended to correct it after a year or a year and a half since the first pigmentation.

11How to care for lips?
Keep in mind that a permanent make-up procedure is an invasive procedure. Right after a permanent make-up procedure of the lips, there might be a swelling. It’s a temporary state that passes through quickly (in the first 24 hours after the procedure). The lips right after the procedure are more expressive, the colour is intense. It might seem they come off too strong. Remember that in 7 days the epiderm will peel off and the make-up will be 20-50% lighter, according to the colour of the pigment. The final colour will be visible 4 weeks since the day of the pigmentation.
12The cost of the procedure
1500 PLN