Permanent Knowledge Magazine

We would like to invite you to join us as we usher in a new era in the world of permanent make- up, one where our quarterly magazine takes centre stage in the arena of global media dedicated to this fascinating subject.

Our magazine touches on various aspects of permanent make-up, each of which is essential to the profession. The issues we discuss are by no means set in stone, as the field of permanent make- up evolves at an astounding pace, but we aim to include articles on the following themes in each one of our issues: Exhibitions, and congresses, Techniques and equipment, Competitions, Medical issues, Courses, schools and Master classes, Interviews.

Issue 1


  • Fluffy Eyebrows
    by Nataliya Yeremenko
  • Cross-contamination
    by Dr. Linda Dixon
  • Tricopigmentation
    by Toni Belfatto

Issue 3


  • Scalp micropigmentation
    by Toni Belfatto
  • Scars and burns
    by Karen Betts
  • Frontal perspective
    by Kamila Kaca

Issue 4


  • A life lived for art
    by Alan Spadone
  • Microblading Tips
    by Aleksandra Maniušė
  • The Story of Cyprus beauty
    by Selen Shenalp

Issue 5


  • Manual Permanent Make Up
    by Aleksandra Maniušė
    The New Clothing Line
  • The 4 Step HD Technique
    by Catalina Popescu