Ombre Brows is one of the most popular techniques of permanent make-up of the brows.

The possibilities we get from a correct work technique allow creating the most natural look. A conscious decision and knowledge of the specifics of the procedure are very important to perform a fully satisfying procedure.

1What does the procedure look like?
1. The first step before the pigmentation is excluding all the contraindications which may disqualify us for the procedure. Please don’t hide any information about your health condition.

2. The next step is brow regulation and predrawing which will visualize the final shape of the brows. Keep in mind that the predrawing is the stage that is supposed to define a perfect, ideal and precisely marked shape (at first, it may seem thick or clunky). Inform the linergist about your fears! Permanent make-up is a procedure with lasting results and it can’t be removed easily, so don’t hesitate to say what you feel.

3. If you chose a procedure performed by Paulina Osinkowska, keep in mind that an overdrawn brows effect is impossible to achieve.
Keep in mind that if you chose to go through with this procedure, you should be absolutely healthy. Excluding contraindications has a great influence on the procedure, healing and the final effect. Each information you hide may result in a wrong effect of the procedure.
  • Viral inflammation, e.g. jaundice, hepatitis, HIV and AIDS

  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding* (the procedure should be performed 6 months after your stop breastfeeding)

  • Advanced unstable diabetes

  • STDs

  • Any inflammations of the body

  • Hemophilia

  • Herpes

  • Psoriasis

  • Advanced thyroid disease*

  • Diabetes*

  • Epilepsy

  • Cancer - only while treated

  • Acne phlegmonosa, viral, bacterial or fungal infections

  • Former permanent make-up*(If you have former permanent make-up, please send pictures to evaluate it to )

  • Hormonal disorders* (they affect the durability of the make-up and its colour)

  • Procedures which included acids or products to exfoliate the skin

  • Surgical procedures on your face (you should wait 6 months since the day of the surgical procedure)

  • Started dental treatment (when performing lips treatment)

  • Strong tan

In case of any doubts as to wether the procedure may be performed, please contact us: +48513911625 email:
3Permanent make-up vs. predrawing

The predrawing is supposed to reflect the shape we will achieve during the process of pigmentation. If the predrawing is imperfect, crooked, it doesn’t live up to your expectations, don’t hesitate to inform the person who performs the procedure. Never agree to a free-hand procedure (a procedure without the predrawing). 

4Not all the techniques are adequate for each type of skin

Service range and pigmentation types included in the offer shouldn’t be for us an excuse to choose a technique on our own.

The example here are the Microblading or the Hairstroke techniques - they are not fit for people with problematic skin.

5Pain and discomfort during the procedure

The first thing the clients fear is pain during the procedure. Pain is a relative feeling. But the procedure itself shouldn’t be painful. During the procedure, the linergist uses anesthesia that should minimize the pain.

6Correcting old permanent make-up

If you have badly-performed permanent make-up with thick fronts or a sharply-marked contour, you should get a removal procedure first for the old, badly-performed make-up. Keep in mind that correcting the former make-up may have irreversible effects. Unfortunately, unexperienced people decide to correct badly-performed make-up quite often, under the client’s pressure, without adequate knowledge and to earn money. Keep in mind that correction procedure prices are ramped up.

7Laser remowal - Will I lose hair? Will I get burnt? Will I lose my eyebrows?

It’s a myth that a permanent make-up removal may cause lasting brow damage, there are cases of burns, of course, caused by a laser beam of too much power.

Brow removal is a multi-stage procedure. Sometimes you need a few removal procedures with 6-weeks time breaks between procedures.

Just like in the case of the pigmentation procedure itself, the place where we decide to perform the removal of the old permanent make-up procedure should be thoroughly checked and the person who performs the procedure should be competent and well trained.

8Heavily marked black eyebrows

Permanent make-up is not an evening make-up. Heavily marked brows give an aggressive, sometimes vulgar look. Choosing a permanent make-up procedure, remember to highlight your natural beauty or level out your flaws, but always in a subtle way.

9Durability od permanent make-up

It’s a myth that a permanent make-up once done stays for 10-15 years. The lasting effect of permanent make-up depends on many factors. Let’s keep in mind that one of the benefits of current techniques of permanent make-up is slow and even peeling off of the pigment. A well-performed permanent make-up requires refreshing once a year of a year and a half. *Warning! Remember that the darker the pigment, the bigger the probability that it will stay in your skin longer. One of the examples are decorative lines that in most cases stay with us for a lifetime.

10Sterility and security

Needles used during a permanent make-up procedure are single-use ones. The specialist should unpack the needle in the client’s presence. Using the same needle during the correction procedure is unacceptable.

11Change in the colour of the pigment

Permanent make-up may lose it’s colour and it has nothing to do with a low quality of the procedure or a low quality of the products. The pigment changes under the influence of many exterior factors, as well as our health, that’s why correction after a year or a year and a half since the first pigmentation is recommended.

12The cost of the procedure
The whole cost of the procedure is 1500 to 1800 PLN, depending on the method. The cost of the additional correction visit after 3 months is 500 PLN. To book a procedure, you need to make and advanced payment of 300 PLN.
13Booking a date
Please contact us at: +48 513 911 625