Permanent Eyebrows Make-up

Pigmentation of eyebrows regardless of the technique is designed to emphasize the natural brows of the client without exaggerated them. It will allow you to obtain beautiful symmetrical eyebrows, fill in gaps, highlight the color. With a permanently formed shape that fits your beauty type, your eyebrows will always look prettily and naturally. I will individually choose the shape and color of eyebrow make-up.

Ombre Brows



One of the most popular eyebrow pigmentation techniques on the market. "Must Have" among many... Read more

Hair Stroke technique


Brows (machine)

The treatment consists of accurate and precise distribution of hairs that, after enucleation, perfectly match... Read more

Combined technique



Eyebrows made with hair stroke and ombre technique. The treatment consists in the accurate... Read more

Permanent Lips Make-up

Makijaż permanentny ust ma na celu podkreślenie naturalnej czerwieni wargowej. Popraw symetrię, podkreśl kontur ust i rynienki podnosowej (łuk kupidyna) i nadaj im kształt bez przerysowywania.

Smudge-proof Lips



It allows to achieve a very natural effect, gives the lips freshness. With this technique we can change... Read more