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The QUANTUM panel is intuitive, lightweight and compact. It has a built-in LCD display that shows the operating mode, the number of hours worked and the speed at which the needle moves in the selected mode. The system has 4 automatic modes. High-quality components used in the production of QUANTUM make it extremely durable and resistant to impacts and uses a small amount of energy. The CE mark confirms that QUANTUM meets all the required directives.

QUANTUM handpiece

The ergonomic QUANTUM handpiece is made of anodized aluminum. It has adjustable needle advance within the range of 0-2,5 mm, as well as an on/off switch at the end of the body. The combination of the handpiece and the panel with the cable was designed in parallel so that it was not exposed to mechanical damage during operation and that the cable did not interfere during the pigmentation. The silver handpiece, the appearance of which was achieved owing to the ceramic processing, was equipped with the original German second generation engine, characterized by low noise (about 45 dB), smooth speed and high power. High-quality components used in the production of QUANTUM make it extremely durable, resistant to overheating, minimizes vibrations and consumes a small amount of energy.

QUANTUM cartridge

The cartridge system, developed for QUANTUM, provides comfort while working on details. Pigmentation using the Ombre technique can be done faster and more precisely with this system. The cartridge has a hole for the pigment infusion, but the pigment can also be taken from the pigment container. In each set there are 15 pieces of cartridges - designed to work with all pigments available on the market. Each cartridge is vacuum-packed in a sterile package, with a medical certificate of sterilization safety.


When connected to the mains, the QUANTUM device operates continuously. The panel also has a built-in battery, so it can work in crisis situations such as a lack of electricity or when access to the power source is difficult. Using the built-in battery also limits the number of cables to a minimum. The battery charging time is 2 hours (2h), and the operation time (at the highest speed) is up to 10 hours (10h). DC operation does not require charging the battery, but it charges independently when connected to a power source.

Speed & modes

The QUANTUM speed range is from 17500 to 22000 RPM. In each selected mode an automatic speed setting is provided for the given pigmentation. The system has 4 automatic modes. Of course, depending on preferences, it is possible to change the number of rotations manually using the + and - buttons


Model: Q-ONE
Speed: 17500 – 22000 RPM.
Power supply: 100 – 240 V 50/60 Hz
Output: DV 7.5V – 1A
Standard of execution: Q / BST001
Package weight: 2.5 kg
Dimensions of the outer package: 240 x 335 x 62 mm
Degree of protection against water: ordinary equipment (IPXO)
Charge time of the battery: 2 hours


1 QUANTUM panel
1 QUANTUM micropigmentation handpiece
1 QUANTUM power adapter
1 USB cable
1 box with cartridges (15 pcs.)
1 manual
1 warranty card



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